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Noce Vita hazelnuts used in Theo's Nutcracker Brittle Chocolate Bar

Noce Vita hazelnuts used in Theo's Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate Bar

Noce Vita hazelnuts used in Theo's Apple Crisp Chocolate Clusters

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Noce Vita Gourmet Foods is a wholesale supplier of specialty nut ingredients and products based in Seattle, Washington. We supply premium organic and conventional hazelnuts and pistachios nuts in many varieties including whole nuts, diced nuts, pastes and meal.

We focus on serving specialty food manufacturers, bakeries, gelato/ice creameries, food service and restaurants located in the Northwest and in selected markets within the U.S.

Making a Difference

Noce Vita directly sources and supports small, independent farmers in Turkey and the U.S.A. through sustainable agriculture.


Hazelnut Harvest in Turkey

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Tastes to Remember

Tastes to Remember As food lovers with healthful lifestyle, we wanted to share the gift of organic hazelnuts with everyone.

Among the family of nuts, hazelnuts stand out with their light and healthy character. Incorporating this unexpected ingredient transforms dishes into favorite tastes to remember.

Hazelnuts are ideally suited for baking, swirling into chocolates, making gelato/ice cream, and incorporating into snack foods, gourmet dishes and desserts.

With a twist of hazelnut or pistachio, you can turn your favorite snack, appetizer, entree or dessert into beautiful artistry.